Nasty Ways Debut Release (Boreta and EPROM collaboration)

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When I heard that the The Glitch Mob was starting the Glass Air Records label, I knew that we were in for some brilliant and unexpected music. The Mob’s own Boreta and elite producer EPROM have teamed up to form Nasty Ways, and this week Glass Air brought to us their first official two-track release. This bass-heavy double A-side gives us a taste of something unfamiliar with tracks that prove that these two producers are forging their way into uncharted cybernetic territory. “Cyber Snake,” the first track on the release, has a slow, seductive beat, but the real highlight is ”Skrakken”. With a perfect combination of metallic synth and driving basslines, this is surely what a robotic rap battle from 2099 sounds like. If this release is any indicator of things to come, it looks like Glass Air could be reinventing some genres. 

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