ButterKnife by HeavyWeight (Mitis Remix) It seems like...

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ButterKnife by HeavyWeight (Mitis Remix)

It seems like everything that Mitis releases lately is just coated in a layer of awesome. In his new remix of ButterKnife by HeavyWeight, Mitis has cut and layered female vocals with the precision of a sushi chef and combined them with a killer melody, shrill synths and a massive beat that makes this one of his most intricate and exhilarating tracks to date. It seems as if Mitis has channeled the better qualities of both Skrillex and Adventure Club, which can only mean good things. It’s no surprise that his production quality is so high; it turns out that Joe Torre (Mitis) is a classical pianist who’s played for crowds in Carnegie Hall. To anyone who says that producing electronic music takes no real talent, eat your hearts out. 



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