About Us

Auroravizion rainbow diffraction glasses transform your reality into a world of star bursting rainbows for a stunning rave ready visual experience. They’re durable, stylish and come in a variety of mind-blowing designs, so get ready for never-ending evenings of fun, dancing, and visual euphoria.

Auroravizion offers many different styles of glasses in a variety of frames, lens tint, and effects. You can choose between wayfarer frames, aviators, and a variety of classy lady shades including cat eyes and wayfarers with bows, glitter and rhinestones. With Auroravizion, you don't have to sacrifice style for effect; you're going to look good while you're enjoying the land of rainbows, music and dance party magic.

 If you have any issues let us know at sales@auroravizion.com

Growing up in rural Alaska the Aurora Borealis a.k.a. The Northern Lights were the most beautiful form of light for me. Nothing compared and nothing comes close. From my love of lighting I've started this project in hopes that I can share my appreciation as far as the internet and travels will allow.

These glasses are sometimes called fireworks glasses, 3D fireworks glasses, rave glasses, prism glasses, rainbow glasses, fractal glasses, or any combination of those words. We like to call them by their technical term which is Diffraction Glasses. They're perfect for concerts, music festivals, raves, massives, fireworks shows, christmas light tours, laser shows, or anything that involves interactive light displays.