Founded in 2008, AuroraVizion is The Original EDM Eyewear Company, and is proud to be the Official Eyewear of Electric Forest Festival.  We have engineered hundreds of cutting-edge rave and music festival products, including Diffraction Glasses (also known as Refractor, Prism, Fractal and Fireworks Glasses), Kaleidoscope Glasses, Rave Goggles, Heart Diffraction Glasses and more.  Our #1 goal has always been to create super trippy, high-quality party products that enhance your visual experience, no matter the setting. All AuroraVizion products are backed with a Festival-Tested Guarantee, so, whether you are looking for a signature piece to your rave wardrobe, the perfect gift for your friends, or wholesale diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses, we can provide the highest quality products, at prices 20-30% lower than our competitors.